We offer monthly memberships, members can pay monthly or for the year in full.

Plans Created For You

Our plans are specifically developed for each individual once you become a member.

Membership Only

  • Option 1: $45/month with $5 enrollment fee
    • Family Add-On $25/month with $25 enrollment fee
  • Option 2: $35/month with $35 enrollment fee
    • Family Add-On $25/month with $25 enrollment fee
  • Option 3: $30/month with $50 enrollment fee
    • Family Add-On $25/month with $25 enrollment fee
  • Option 4: $350/year paid in full
    • Family Add-On $300/year paid in full

Personal Training

  • We have personal training packages
  • Custom designed for you
  • to accommodate your goals
  • Pricing varies depending
  • on the package size

Membership FAQ

Do you have to be a personal training client to join Peak Fitness Club?

Peak Fitness Club consists of members who participate in personal training and members who do not.  Membership can be paid monthly or a year in full and gives 24-hour access to our facility.  Personal Training packages are priced separately.

If I recently joined Peak Fitness Club and have family members who would also like to join, is there an additional discount for them?

Peak Fitness Club values all of our members.  As a result, members who have family members who would like to join, can be added on for an additional $25/month (per member) with a $25 enrollment (per member).

Are Personal Training sessions done on certain days and between certain hours?

Peak Fitness Club believes in creating a schedule that is most flexible for our clients.  Sessions can be scheduled whenever necessary between the client and the Personal Trainer.  

What is Peak Fitness Club’s personal training philosophy?

Our plans are created specifically for each individual, we accommodate the needs of each client to ensure they reach their personal goals. No two people are the same, why settle for a training plan that looks like everyone else’s?

Ready to get started on your goals?