MotionCage Group Training

MotionCage Group Training

Have you tried our MotionCage Group Training Classes? Peak Fitness offers a convenient 45min total body workout that’s great for beginners but can challenge even the most advanced athletes. By combining a variety of exercises in a timed-interval format, you’ll get a total body workout without having to do the guesswork of designing a program. Each group is led by our Master Trainer to ensure all movements are done safely and in their most effective manner.

Check out some other highlights
of our MotionCage Groups:

10 Groups each week (daily excluding Sun)

Total Body WorkoutMC 1

10+ workout stations each group

Go at your own pace

Suitable for all levels of fitness

Adjustments for any limitation (knee, shoulder, etc.)

Personal Training - Mike (Kerstin)-small



Instructed by Peak Master Trainer Mike Russell

Check out our Group Schedule, stop in for a workout, or call 727-807-3295 to learn more!

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